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Facts about Rosemount

Rosemount at a Glance

Rosemount Center’s Mission: To prepare children and families for their future by providing comprehensive early childhood education and family support programs in a bilingual and multicultural setting.


Founded in 1972 by the House of Mercy, a charity of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. House of Mercy has been serving women and children in need since the mid 1880s; its program was converted to daycare in 1970 and to Early Childhood Education and Development in 1986 by creating a separate 501(c)(3) – Rosemount Center.


Housed in the House of Mercy’s facility which was built in 1911 and modernized in 2005 at a cost of $ 6.3 million.

House of Mercy provides use of its building and grounds for a nominal fee and helps pay some of the building maintenance costs as part of its lease agreement with Rosemount.


Relies on federal grants, local government, private foundations and individuals to support $4 million annual budget.

Relies on a federal Early Head Start grants, local government subsidies and grants, private foundations funding, and individuals contributions to support a $4 million annual budget.

Who Do We Serve?

Offers services for almost 250 infants, toddlers and preschoolers in home-based and center-based programs.

Provides a dual language learning environment to many families who are recent immigrants.

Provides much valued socio-economic diversity through Early Head Start Program, along with tuition paying parents, and District of Columbia government subsidized (OSSE) families.

Waiting list of over 250 families on an ongoing basis for infant, toddler and preschool programs.

Class Size
Average class ratio of children to teacher:
Infant                     3:1
Toddler                 4:1
Preschool             5/8:1
72% Latino
11% Black
11% Caucasian
3% Asian/Middle Eastern
2% Multiracial
1% Pacific Islander/Alaskan/Native American


Provides employment for almost 60 staff members.

Operates under guidelines established by Head Start, the National Association for the Education of Young Children and District of Columbia Licensing.


Monthly volunteers: 42

Average Monthly Volunteer Hours: 472