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Children with Developmental Disabilities

To ensure Rosemount maximizes long-term benefits for our children and their families, Rosemount's Special Needs Program emphasizes prevention, early detection and helping parents learn to advocate for their children. Based on research and best practices, Rosemount aims to promote better outcomes later in life for children identified with developmental disabilities at a very young age.

• Rosemount welcomes children who have - or are suspected to have - developmental delays.

• We provide coordination of services and bilingual direct therapies for children with developmental delays.

• All children enrolled at Rosemount are screened for developmental delays within 30-45 days of enrollment.

• In addition to initial screenings, ongoing developmental assessments are conducted throughout the program year.

• Rosemount has an inclusion model. Children with special needs and disabilities are naturally included with their peers in all facets of the program and have strong support to help ensure success.

• Rosemount's staff participates in professional development regarding developmental disorders.

• Rosemount works with its Local Education Agency (LEA), the public schools, and other service providers to ensure children are receiving appropriate services.

• If a child is receiving therapy services for a developmental delay based on an existing Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) before enrolling, Rosemount will allow the provider to continue those services at the Center.

• Rosemount has a Disability Services Coordinator who is available to help families and make appropriate referrals for their children.

• Parent engagement is a key focus at Rosemount. This includes assisting parents with newly diagnosed children and helping parents select appropriate programs for children who will be transitioning to kindergarten.

Need More Info?

Please contact the Program Director, Cornett Roberts-Njoku at (202) 265-9885 ext. 109


Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator, Madeline Terc at (202) 265-9885 ext. 102.