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Home-Based Program

Rosemount Center provides Home-Based visiting services to families in Wards 1-8 of Washington, DC who have an income below the poverty guideline.

Our Home-Based Visitors conduct weekly 90-minute sessions, providing dual language (Spanish/English) education and support services to pregnant women and families with children ages 0 – 3 enrolled in Rosemount's Early Head Start Program. Each Home-Based Visitor has experience working with young children and their families and acts as a liaison and an advocate, referring families to essential community resources.

Our Home-Based Program aims to prepare young children and their families for future positive outcomes. Elements of the Home-Based Program are listed below:

  • Rosemount's curriculum, "Parents as Teachers" is used in either English or Spanish when the Home-Based Visitor conducts a weekly home visit. It focuses on three main goals: Parent-Child Interactions; Development-Centered Parenting; and Family Well-Being.
  • Families participate in monthly socializations, which provide the opportunity for families to interact with other Rosemount Center families and participate in informative workshops.
  • Families are encouraged to attend the monthly Policy Council Meetings, allowing parents to take part in the Early Head Start Program governance decisions.
  • Collaborative family partnership agreements focus on developing goals for both children and their families and include the expectations of being an Early Head Start program participant.
  • Monitoring and educating parents on their child's overall well-being includes age appropriate immunizations, annual physicals, identifying disabilities, and nutritional needs.
  • Home-Based Visitors facilitate referrals to a variety of human services agencies that provide crisis intervention and urgent resources.
  • Home-Based Visitors serve as a liaison for pregnant women by assisting and providing pregnant women access to comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care concerning health, nutrition and mental health.
  • Expectant mothers receive new cribettes through the DC Health Safe Sleep Program and are provided with training focused on safe sleep and SIDS prevention for infants.
  • Home-Based Visitors maintain strict confidentiality of private information and family records.
  • Rosemount has years of experience providing Home-Based program services to children and their families who seek a high quality child development experience and guidance on parenting skills.

Need More Info?

Please contact the Program Director, Cornett Roberts-Njoku at (202) 265-9885 ext. 109.


Please contact the Home-Based Program Coordinator, Ms. Caryn Swierzbin at (202) 265-9885 ext. 118.



"As a parent of three, I initially did not think that the home based program will have much to offer me. I was wrong!...my home based visitor displayed the professionalism, knowledge base and the "special touch" that made us feel comfortable and look forward to her next visit."

Home-Based and Center-Based parent


"My daughter is more organized, the program has helped her socialize with more children and she is no longer afraid of being around people. I tell other parents to join the program because the younger the children become part of it, the better."

Home-Based parent