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Home-Based Program

Rosemount Center provides home visiting services to poverty level families in Wards 1-8 of Washington, DC. Our Home Visitors conduct weekly 90-minute home visits, providing education and support services to pregnant women and families with children ages 0 – 5 enrolled in Rosemount's program. Each Home Visitor has experience working with young children and their families, and acts as a liaison and an advocate for community resources and the families that they serve. Our Home-Based Program aims to prepare young children and their families for their future. Home Visitor services include:

  • Carrying out Rosemount's curriculum for child development— the "Creative Curriculum"- during home visits and "socializations" at the Center. Socializations are group activities where parents and children have the opportunity to interact with other families at Rosemount's Mount Pleasant facility, twice a month.
  • Collaborating with families to establish family development goals, and documenting this collaborative process in family partnership agreements.
  • Monitoring and educating parents with respect to children's health status, including medical follow-up, physical health, dental health, mental health, and nutrition.
  • Providing management, crisis intervention, and resource referral services.
  • Serving as advocates and liaisons for pregnant women and service providers. Assisting pregnant women and giving them access to comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care concerning health, nutrition and mental health.

Home Visitors maintain confidentiality of family records and information, and have experience working with children and their families in a human services setting.

Need More Info?

Please contact the Program Director, Cornett Roberts-Njoku at (202) 265-9885 ext. 109.


Please contact the Home-Based Program Coordinator, Ms. Caryn Swierzbin at (202) 265-9885 ext. 118.



"As a parent of three, I initially did not think that the home based program will have much to offer me. I was wrong!...my home based visitor displayed the professionalism, knowledge base and the "special touch" that made us feel comfortable and look forward to her next visit."

Home-Based and Center-Based parent


"My daughter is more organized, the program has helped her socialize with more children and she is no longer afraid of being around people. I tell other parents to join the program because the younger the children become part of it, the better."

Home-Based parent