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Your Donations Make A Difference

When you make a gift to Rosemount’s Annual Fund, the impact extends far beyond the early childhood years. Your donation helps provide 240 infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children with foundational skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

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Your Gift Supports...


  • helps maintain House of Mercy's historic Mount Pleasant building
  • supports the Center’s technology upgrades and new computer purchases


  • provides staff development trainings for one month
  • supports coordination of therapy services for one child for 6 months


  • maintains Rosemount’s tile roof and gutters
  • buys one set of Creative Curriculum teacher materials


  • provides food for monthly home-based family socializations
  • covers the cost of online child development screening tool


  • helps replace used toys, books and equipment
  • outfits first aid backpacks for fifteen classrooms


  • buys flowering bulbs to beautify the grounds
  • covers the cost of diapers for infant/toddler classrooms


  • purchases nine soft cotton blankets for naptimes
  • purchases eight new, colorful, fabric books for our infant classes


  • buys four gallons of tempera paint for preschool classrooms
  • provides rice cereal for two infant classrooms for one month


  • buys Play-Doh for two toddler classes
  • covers the cost of thirty watercolor trays

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You can help make Rosemount’s mission a reality.

Support from people like you changes the lives of children and families every day by helping Rosemount continue to provide the high quality, dual language education and support services that they rely on. We welcome you to join us in shaping a new generation that is well-educated, bilingual, compassionate, and capable of cooperating to solve the world’s problems. Your Annual Fund gift is not only an investment in the lives of Rosemount’s children, but also an investment in creating a better society for all of us. Thank you for your support!

Will you give a child a chance for a better future today? Please make a gift by clicking here or making a check payable to Rosemount Center. Thank you for your support!

Rosemount Center’s Annual Fund is the most important fundraising initiative of the year. Donations to the Annual Fund support general operating expenses-everything that has kept the Center strong and thriving on a daily basis for over 40 years. While Rosemount does receive funding from a number of sources both public and private, we could not provide such high quality service to all 240 families without your support!

Rosemount’s Annual Fund plays a critical role in sustaining the work of the Center—providing exceptional early childhood education and family support services. Gifts to annual giving are put to use immediately and have a direct and crucial impact on every child and family’s experience. While Rosemount Center does receive funding from a number of sources both public and private, private charitable gifts from individual donors, allow Rosemount to go above and beyond providing basic services to its 240 children and families.

Every year Rosemount relies on the vital support of donors like you to help raise the quality of each child’s education and experience at Rosemount.

Rosemount Center offers a variety of ways to give. You can make a gift by clicking on the Donate Now button on our secure giving site or learn about other Ways to Give including gifts of stock, gifts-in-kind, and planned gifts.

Many companies offer matching gift programs that can double or even triple the charitable contributions made by an employee. Please contact your employer to see if they participate in a matching gift program. Then simply submit the matching gift form along with your contribution.

Gifts of $5,000 or greater are considered leadership gifts. Leadership gifts are crucial to the success of the Annual Giving program.

Absolutely! Participation from everyone in our community is meaningful, and every gift made to the Center, at any level, is appreciated. Many small gifts add up to important support of the work we do here, and each and every gift has a direct impact on our children and teachers every day. For example, a $25 gift buys:

  1. Rice cereal for our infant classrooms for one month

  2. Ten pounds of Play-Doh for our toddler classrooms

  3. Thirty watercolor trays for our preschoolers

Gifts to Rosemount’s Annual Fund are unrestricted and not specifically designated. Your gift will provide classroom enrichment activities and materials, additional teacher trainings, building and playground enhancements, socialization opportunities, and much more. See opposite for more examples of what your donation supports.

Recurring gifts are a convenient and easy way to spread your gift out over time, enabling you to give more generously. By making a monthly or quarterly donation by credit or debit card, you provide consistent support of Rosemount’s early childhood education and family support programs.

Donations are accepted any time throughout the year, but why wait? Make a difference in a child’s life today!

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and are grateful for your support of Rosemount. Please contact Martha Johnson, Chief Development Officer and Deputy CEO at 202-265-9885, ext. 116.