If you would like to share a short personal testimony of the impact Rosemount has had on your life, please add to our Kudo Board.

“Rosemount was like a family to me. I had my son just as I was about to start college. The staff there gave me emotional support and encouraged me to get my degree. I am so grateful to Rosemount.”
Jennifer Cerna
Former Parent
“My children went to Rosemount from 2014 - 2018. The friendships we made there are still enduring -- among the kids, parents, teachers, and staff. It was truly the place we "started" as a family.”
Kelly & Stephen Kelly
“I volunteered at Rosemount as part of my school's community service program. The Rosemount teachers were so very welcoming and they were gentle with the kids and taught by example. The children were well behaved and I was very impressed with their knowledge of both languages. The bilingual education definitely benefits the children in many ways.”
Samantha Miller
Student Volunteer
"When my son was six months, Rosemount welcomed in my family. The moment we met his teacher, Ms. Mercedes G., my new mom spidey-sense told me we were in the right place. My son thrived, learning everything from the importance of kindness, play, Spanish, and when I became pregnant, how to take care of his future baby sister. Later, when his sister was enrolled and we discovered she had hearing loss, the Disability Services Coordinator, Madeleine, connected us with the resources that launched my daughter in the right direction. Forever thankful to Rosemount."
Christiane & Brian
Parents of Eliot & A. Simone